January 26, 2020

Chrome Thinks I’m In A Different Country

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Jan 02, 2012  · Why does my computer/internet think I’m from a different location? I have the same problem as jordy2irish. It is not related with the configuration of "Country or region settings" for sure.

Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sites think I’m from another country when using Chrome. In Firefox, when I visit, for example "jinx.com" the prices are displayed in dollars ($) yet when I visit the same site in Chrome the prices are displayed in pounds (£).

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Chrome thinks I’m in Germany. It has now synced across all my devices that I am in Germany. I haven’t been there in over 5 years. Every search result and website is now in German, wtf?

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Google Chrome. Back. 7/21/16. Original Poster. Amanda Mathur. Google thinks I’m in a different country. Every time I go to google it thinks I’m in Korea instead of the US. It will automatically search google.co.kr. What can I do to change my location?

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Mar 13, 2011  · Google thinks I am in a different country. 3 Recommended Answers. Google keeps redirecting me to google.ie. I live in England and this only happens in Chrome. I am signed into my Google accounts and used to live in Ireland when I set those up, but every single location setting in my Google accounts has been set to the UK (even timezone, etc).

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Feb 12, 2014  · This could be achieved by using proxies, which spoofs your IP so Google thinks you are from a different country. This is NOT the case here as I’m not using proxy. Share this post

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My Computer Thinks I’m in Finland – Apua! I’m in the U.S. and have been using VPN settings in the U.S. However, when I go to some retail sites, the prices are in euros and the default country.

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