August 28, 2020

How To Remove Instant Games From Facebook

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Facebook complains that it had to remove functionality from its Facebook Gaming app for it to be approved for the Apple App.

“Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality.

we’ve been forced to bury Instant Games for years on iOS,” explains Facebook Gaming chief Vivek Sharma in a statement to The.

Facebook Gaming, Minus the Gaming, Debuts on iOS – Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality.

“Even on the main Facebook app and Messenger, we’ve been forced to bury Instant Games for years on iOS. This is shared pain across.

Sheryl Sandberg criticises Apple as Facebook launches iPhone gaming app without any games – The Android version of the app includes “instant games”, which people can play against other users, but Facebook has had to remove the feature on the iPhone version of the app, due to Apple.

“Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality entirely.

But on Android, the app also includes a number of mini games from Facebook’s Instant Games platform. That’s what Apple.

Facebook is calling out Apple for continuing to stifle its gaming ambitions. “After months of submissions and repeated rejections by Apple, we’ve had to remove instant games entirely from the.

After many, many unsuccessful attempts to get into Apple’s App Store.

watching game streams, and connecting with other gamers. A feature on the Android version called Instant Games, which.

A new slugfest has erupted between two of Silicon Valley’s biggest corporations. Apple, after repeatedly rejecting Facebook.