August 31, 2020

Microsoft Store Downloads Slow

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Microsoft launches a bug-tracking website for Flight Simulator 2020 and provides workarounds for some common problems.

Valve assures slow Flight Simulator downloads won’t affect refunds – Valve has promised Steam users that the time it takes to download Microsoft Flight Simulator will not prevent them from.

The updates were designed to provide a fix for the way Windows 10 stores and manages files, as well as security improvements.

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The much anticipated simulator has seen early adopters encounter a number of Flight Simulator 2020 issues. Slow downloads,

Notice a bug? Let us know here.

While it can be rough around the edges, Microsoft’s new globe-trotting airplane sim represents a whole new level of fidelity.

Microsoft has now launched an official bug-tracking website for Flight Simulator that houses the top reported issues and.

It downloads a sizeable portion of game files instead of Steam and the Microsoft Store. Microsoft’s decision to circumvent.